Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shoot the Messenger

BBC aired a film titled Shoot the Messenger, which profiled the issues of black people and focussed on problems with the blacks generally. while there was some public outcry about the nature of the program and that it appeared to be racist, I found it very instructive, thought provoking and insightful.

Having lived in the UK for up to a decade and outside for over two, I have been very involved with the issues of black people world over and there are fundamental issues that keep them from taking leadership in the affairs of men.

Of course there are some that have broken the 'jinx' but there are still far tooo many that are still held bound by issues that stop them from moving ahead. Shoot the Messenger did an excellent woork at bring out some of the fundamental ideologies that keep the black man as a brand undesireable.

One of the most memorable statements he said is that we have to move on. this is a fundamental stumbling block as we are always blaming the west or the whites or bad leadership by the blacks or lack of education or fairness or equal rights or one thing or the other!!!! WHy is there always one thing or the other to blame??? when are we going to realise that our destiny is in our hands and not anothers?

The issues I've had with blacks is that we are generally consumers and not developers. We like to live the good life but not create the opportunities for others. Please don't misunderstand me when i say this. I only speak generally. You'd see a rich man build a palace in the midst of penury with no thought for those around and when he gets robbed or harrassed then turn round and say they are robbers. We don't generally care for the welfare of those around except it is to be in a position where we are always being looked up to. We are generally exploitative and would prefer to use services without paying for them.

I am waiting for the day that we as blacks rise up and take ownership for our state of affairs and with responsibility, begin to chart a new course for our lives and that of our children and children's children; to look into the future and plan for their future comfort and well being; to take of the mindset of trying just survive to becoming dominant in an area.

It's ridiculous to see that when blacks move into an area en masse the place soon deteriorates and then we blame it on the government spending or lack of maintenance by the local authorities. Even if these were true as it is in many cases, do we not have the moral conviction to overcome these tings form the sake of dignity? If the government or local authorities do not do something about a problem, must we wail like babies - helpless??? The asians have done well in creating an enabling environment when the terrain was tough. Do they have two heads or are ours not functional.

I found it even more amusing to find that so common are our issues that someone has said, "If you want to hide something from the black man, put it in writing!" Someone else wrote a rather intriuging article titled, "Black people don't read." The issue of reading or not is not my main focus but rather the quest for knowledge and insight. How deep is our quest and desire for knowledge to improve our status, life and well being? Changing? Yes it is but we do need to buckle up. The world is moving ahead at lightspeed and we are still pandering about blaming society, government, bad leadership and the likes.

My question is that now that you know, what are YOU going to do to make a change? So many I've talked to are absolutely apathetic about the situation saying, "We can never change!" that is why we are still where we are. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." If we don't change the way we think, let go of the past, release the people that have wronged us (and yes I do believe many have) and MOVE ON, then we can expected to live in liberation. But if we continue to hold on to prejudices and all sorts of stuff blaming circumstances, people and conditions, we are going nowhere!!!